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Date:  Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Time:  6:30pm to 9:00 pm

Location:  Coldbrook and District  School  library

You can register for our upcoming session at  - If you do not have Internet access or do not wish to register on the website, please contact the school office to add your name to the session list at 690-3830.

Parents and caregivers want their children to find happiness and success in life. One factor which influences happiness and success is career choice. Parents as Career Coaches emphasizes the importance of helping your children discover what their passions/interests are.  It will assist your children to identify occupations which might help them pursue their passions. Parents as Career Coaches also encourages parents or caregivers and their children to consider the many practical factors that will impact career decisions, including, for example, skills, the labour market, and education and training opportunities.

Parents as Career Coaches provides you with

  • Information about what the career journey looks like, to help you deal with the many twists and turns that can occur.
  • course selection information.
  • details of what employers are looking for in this new world of work to identify the skills and personal qualities students need to develop to be competitive in the work force. 
  • information on where to find details on specific jobs, qualifications, opportunities, training, and financing.
  • a parent/caregiver guide designed to help you work with your children throughout their career journey.
  • a student workbook, which provides your daughter or son with information and activities to:
    • Identify interests and skills
    • Research occupations

Here is what other parents/caregivers are saying about the program:

"Very informative and helpful – made things more clear in terms of what the role is as a parent and coach.."


"Enjoyed the program.  Thank you.  I am now more aware of different careers so I can help my children find the right one for them"


"I didn’t know what to expect, but I found the program informative & helpful – a very positive approach to the “big unknown” of career choices. Very much enjoyed this session."


"This was awesome, thanks so much.  Had no idea of all the options"


"Very straight forward, very informative, with practical information.  Great presentation"


"Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and am looking forward to working with my child in career planning"


The Middle/Junior High program takes one evening to complete.  We hope to see you there!


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April 2

Middle School students go to

Horton for Legally Blonde


April 3

KMBA 6 - 9 pm


April 8

Band & Choir Meeting 6:30 pm (Library)


April 9

Olivia selling bracelets in student lobby


April 11

Deadline for T-Shirt orders

If you have a child or know of a child, who will be 5 yrs old prior to Dec. 31/14, that is starting school in Sept. and has not been registered could you please contact the school asap at 690-3828.  


April 13

Family Dance Party 6 - 8 pm


April 14

Home & School Meeting 6:30 pm (Library)


April 16

Movie Night - Cafeteria 6:30 - 8:30 pm


April 17

FULL DAY of School

Early Dismissal cancelled

If you have a child or know of a child, who will be 5 yrs old prior to Dec. 31/14, that is starting school in Sept. and has not been registered could you please contact the school asap at 690-3828. 


April 18

Good Friday Holiday


April 21

Easter Monday Holiday


April 22

Gr 6 Band at Music Festival 9:30 am


April 23

Gr 8 Band at Music Festival 11:15 am

Gr. 7 Band at Music Festival 3:30 pm

Percussion Ensemble at Music Festival 4:30 pm


April 24

Gr. 7 Immunizations

Gr 6-8 Middle School Dance 6:30 - 8:30 pm


April 25

Jazz Band at Music Festival 9:30 am


April 26

Variety Show Fundraiser for Mrs. Conrad-Tracey

Doors open at 5:30 pm for viewing with Variety Show beginning at 6:30 pm


April 30

Gr 3-5 Choir at Music Festival 10:10 am