COLDBROOK AND DISTRICT SCHOOL   -   Demonstrating the Incredible Cs of Caring, Co-operation and Courtesy   -   A Nut Safe and Scent Safe School

Coldbrook and District School Staff Contacts

Please find below email contact infomration for all staff of Coldbrook and District School

Cherrie Goss Principal
Jodi Durling Vice-Principal
Administrative Assistants
Sonja Bent Secretary
Janet Dyke Secretary
Educational Assistants
Shelley Mayhew Educational Assistant
Pam Kilpatrick Educational Assistant
Melissa Pound Educational Assistant
Melanie Godon Educational Assistant
Kelly Mansfield Educational Assistant
Joanne Sherman Educational Assistant
Donna Messom Educational Assistant
Ann Myles Educational Assistant
TBA vacant
Teaching Staff
Jesse Porter Gr 4-6 French
Vanessa Daniels Grade 1
Amanda Hernandez Grade 1
Jocelyne MacNeil Grade 1/2
Andrea MacLean Grade 2
Julian West Grade 2/3
Christina Smith Grade 3
Laura Kellock Grade 3/4
Geoff Flecknell Grade 4
Rachel Thompson Grade 4/5
Cindy Turner Grade 5
Dave Molnar Grade 5/6
Trevor Lawrence Grade 6
Holly Beattie Grade 6
Sarah Squires Grade 7
Rachel Parker Grade 7
Kate Woodworth Grade 8
Craig Smith Grade 8
Meghan Joudrey Grade Primary
Ashley Holland Grade Primary
Kathleen Sampson Guidance
Amy MacIntyre LCT & Resource Gr 5
Jeanette Garrison LCT & Resource Gr P-4
Caitlin Quinton Music/Band
Joanna Simpson Music/Choir
Mike Spear Physical Education
Ruth Pickrem Reading Recovery Teacher
Maggie Gunn Resource Gr 5/6 Split class/BIRT
Susan Rand Resource Gr 6-8
Ida Berry Resource Gr 6-8
Mike Elliott Tech. Ed./Grade 8 Social Studies